Best answer: What is a county called in France?

Where is Dept 13 France?

Each department has a unique number, which is used for many administrative reasons, such as the vehicle registration plates, postcodes, but not phone numbers.

Departments of France.

Department Bouches du Rhône
Capital Marseille
Region (since 2016) Occitaine
Region (before 2016) Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

What is another name for France?

The country has a different name in other languages: Frankreich in German, Frankrijk in Dutch, Francia in Italian and Spanish, and França in Portuguese.

Why is France called Gaul?

France was originally called Gaul by the Romans who gave the name to the entire area where the Celtics lived. … The area Gaul stretched from the River Rhine and the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea (which the Romans called Mare Nostrum), the Pyrenees to the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the north and west.

Is an arrondissement a borough?

As nouns the difference between borough and arrondissement

is that borough is (obsolete) a fortified town while arrondissement is an administrative division in some french- or dutch-speaking countries.

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