Best answer: What was the main thing the French Dutch and English were looking for?

What were the English French and Dutch searching for?

The Dutch, French, and the English were all searching for the Northwest Passage. It was supposed to be a water route through North America to the Pacific Ocean. Europe wanted to use the passage to get to Asia.

What were England France and the Netherlands looking for?

England, France, and the Netherlands Explore the Americas

European countries looking for a western route to Asia to increase trading speed. England, France, and the Netherlands wanted to “catch up” with Spain.

What were French Dutch and English explorers searching for in North America?

Sir Walter Raleigh and Henry Hudson were notable British explorers who established early settlements in Virginia and New York. The search for a northwest passage to Asia and the burgeoning fur trade in Europe drove the French to explore and settle North America.

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What were the English and French explorers looking for?

Like the Portuguese, they were interested in establishing the geography of the region, and were especially interested to find out whether a viable westerly route to Asia actually existed. This was the primary reason for those English voyages which took place after Cabot.

What did the English and French hope to find in North America?

They hoped to find the Northwest Passage, a direct sea route to Asia via the Pacific Ocean. The king commissioned Verrazano to chart (to make a map of) the entire Atlantic coast of North America, from modern-day Florida to Newfoundland (an island off the coast of Canada).

What was the main motive for the French to establish new France?

Motivations for colonization: The French colonized North America to create trading posts for the fur trade. Some French missionaries eventually made their way to North America in order to convert Native Americans to Catholicism.

What was the main reason for English exploration?

While individual motives for exploration were mixed, the main impetus was economic—the search for riches. The English were not interested in discovery for its own sake, but sought the opportunities for trade that were opened up by new markets and new routes to existing markets.

Why did the Dutch and English form an alliance against France?

Negotiations. For De Witt, the French alliance secured his position against the Orangist opposition and ensured Dutch economic supremacy. By 1667, the prospect of France replacing Spain as a neighbour meant that most of the States General and the Dutch populace saw an English alliance as essential for mutual survival.

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What became France’s main economic activity?

Of course, only a small proportion of the population were directly involved, but fishing and whaling nevertheless continued to be a significant component of the economy throughout the course of the French regime and even much later. But the fur trade was the real economic driver of New France.

Who were two significant French explorers and what areas did they claim for France?

Samuel de Champlain, the greatest of the French explorers, founded Port Royal (1605) and Québec (1608). Jean Nicolet (Nicollet), a companion of Champlain, explored Lake Michigan and surrounding areas in the 1630s. Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette conducted explorations of the Mississippi Basin in 1673.

What were the chief features of the French and Dutch empires in North America?

What were the chief features of the French and Dutch empires in North America? The chief features of the French and Dutch empires were that they wanted to use Indians as trading partners and military allies.