Best answer: Why is Bordeaux named Bordeaux?

How did Bordeaux get its name?

Indeed Bordeaux is the name of the main city in the region. The city was founded by Celts. They named it : “Burdigala” which could mean “Bourg des Gaels” and could be translated into “City of the Celts”. Later on the name evolved into Bordale, Bordeu and then Bordeaux.

Did the English own Bordeaux?

After the marriage of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine, Bordeaux came under English rule between 1152 and 1453. It was then that the British first developed their taste for “claret” (from the French clairet, originally used to refer to a dark rosé wine rather then the rich reds we are familiar with today).

Is Bordeaux a French name?

French: habitational name from the city in Gironde, the Latin name of which is Burdigala, of ancient and unexplained origin.

What nationality is Bordeaux?

The noble French surname Bordeaux is local in origin, being one of those names derived from the place where a man once lived or where he once held land.

How old is Bordeaux France?

The attractive city of Bordeaux has a rich history spanning at least two thousand years. If most of the area of Bordeaux listed on the UNESCO World Heritage dates back to the 18th century, the first first traces of permanent human settlement on the site originate from the 6th BC.

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