Can you buy Dettol in France?

Why Dettol is not available?

NEW DELHI: Consumers looking to buy Dettol antiseptic (brown) liquid and its rival brand Savlon found large packs of the products missing from most brick-and-mortar stores and online marketplaces as an expected regulatory clampdown has interrupted supplies, sources said.

What is equivalent to Dettol?

Due to their products and its antiseptic feature in it, Neosporin is considered a top Dettol competitor.

Which country company is Dettol?


Product type Antiseptic
Owner Reckitt
Country U.K.
Introduced 1932
Related brands Lysol, another product made by the same company Sagrotan Dettox

Is Dettol banned in US?

The banned chemicals are in about 40 per cent of soaps and liquid washes sold in US and are in some domestic products sold in Australian supermarkets and chemists. Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Handwash and Dettol bar soap, for example, contain triclocarban, one of the most commonly used antibacterials.

How many types of Dettol are there?

AVAILABLE IN 2 FRAGRANCES: Fresh Lime and Menthol Cool. Usage info: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use it undiluted. For external use only.

Is Dettol made in Australia?

Iconic fly spray Mortein and disinfectant Dettol will stop being made in Australia from July. Reckitt Benckiser, which has been making the products since 1963, will axe 190 manufacturing jobs at its Ermington factory in Sydney’s north-west.

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