Can you drive to French River Provincial Park?

Is it safe to swim in the French River?

French River Provincial Park is located near the community of Alban, south of Sudbury. Visitors can swim at this Waterway park, but there are no individually designated beaches. … Ontario Parks beaches are monitored according to the province’s Beach Management Protocol.

How do you book the French River backcountry?

French River Backcountry Permit

  1. Create a New Account (note: even if you created an old account prior to 2019, you must re-register)
  3. After Account created above:
  4. On the Ontario Parks Reservation System, on the op tab select, “Backcountry Registration”.

What is the French river called?

Longest rivers

# Name Length
1 Loire 625
2 Seine 482
3 Rhônea 338

How do you camp on Crown land in Ontario?

Canadian residents are permitted to camp for free in Ontario up to 21 days on any one site in a calendar year. You must follow rules or restrictions posted on signs. Non-residents, 18 years and up need a non-resident camping permit to camp on crown land north of the French and Mattawa rivers.

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