Can you help me with French?

Can you help me please French?

The French translation for “Can you help me please? (informal)” is Tu peux m’aider s’il te plaît ?.

Can you help me formal in French?

The French translation for “Can you help me please? (formal)” is Pouvez-vous m’aider s’il vous plaît ?.

How do you politely ask for help in French?

The simplest way to ask for assistance is Au secours!, which means Help! You can also use the phrases: Est-ce que vous pourrez m’aider? (Will you help me?) and Aidez-moi s’il vous plaît! (Please help me!)

Can you help me in French duolingo?

After a conjugated verb (peux), the second verb comes in the infinitive: “aider”. Can you help me? = Peux-tu m’aider ?

Can you please informal French?

s’il te plaît

How do you call France for help?

112 is one of the emergency numbers in France. 112 calls are answered in 13 seconds after a compulsory message.

112 in France

  1. 15 – medical emergency,
  2. 17 – police,
  3. 18 – fire brigade,
  4. 115 – social emergency,
  5. 119 – abused children,
  6. 116000 – missing children,
  7. 114 – National centre for emergency calls for disabled end-users.

What do we say to ask in French?

demande à qn si … to ask sb why … demander à qn pourquoi … to ask sb if … demander à qn si …

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