Can you take your car to French Island?

Can I take my car on the ferry to French Island?

The ferry does not carry vehicles. The French Island Barge Company operates a vehicular ferry from Corinella on the eastern side of Western Port to the barge landing on French Island.

Can you drive to French Island?

French Island is not accessible by car, unless destined for a permanent residence. If you need longer to explore, set up a beachside base camp at the Fairhaven Campground, 5km from the jetty. Try to spot koalas, Purple Moorhen, Swamp Harriers or Cape Barren Geese.

Is there a bridge to French Island?

BORN and bred French Island resident Rose Scott has done it again. The 90-year-old was delighted to cut the ribbon to open the island’s new Coast Road bridge, Saturday 24 April, after opening the first bridge on almost the same spot near Tankerton Road about 30 years ago.

Does French Island have electricity?

French Island is relatively isolated and undeveloped. There are no mains water, mains electricity, or medical services on the island. There is one small general store and post office located on Tankerton Road about 3 km (1.9 mi) from Tankerton Jetty.

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Can you swim to French Island?

Hazards to be aware of on French Island: Swimming is not recommended due to the soft muds and strong currents. Snakes are present and should be left alone.

Can I take a caravan to French Island?

Camping on private land, with the permission of the landowner, is permitted. The residents of French Island ask that campers on private land respect the natural environment by confining their campsites to already cleared land, and by exercising care in the disposal of waste and the use of fire.

Can you walk around French Island?

Walking tracks range from whole day and half day to shorter options and start from the Tankerton Foreshore Reserve. It is advisable to wear long pants or gaiters and sturdy walking boots.

How do you get around French Island?

The only way to get over to the island is passenger ferry and there’s no way to take a car over. Once on the island the only way to get around is by bicycle which you can bring on the ferry or hire from the general store, or you can come on tour with us and explore in the 4-wheel drive OKA.

Can I take my dog to French Island?

All native plants, animals, rocks and soil are protected and must not be disturbed. Dogs and other domestic animals are not permitted in the National Park.

Are there kangaroos on French Island?

French Island, island within the bay of Western Port, southern Victoria, Australia, southeast of Melbourne, 84 square miles (218 square km) in area. … The island harbours many birds, koalas, and rat kangaroos (potoroos).

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Does French island have snakes?

Discovered by a French explorer in 1803, the island was used as a prison to hold Indigenous Australians before being turned into a quarantine station. Now, it’s the safe haven for a thriving population of tiger snakes, who enjoy the luxury of having no predators on the island.