Did King Henry of France and Diane have a child?

Did Henry and Diane have a child?

Diane de Poitiers and Prince Henry were together before he married Catherine de’ Medici. They had one son together, Sebastian who became the king’s favourite. However several years after his birth, Diane was jealous of Henry’s affection for Catherine still.

Did King Henry II and Diane de Poitiers have a child?

Diane de Poitiers (9 January 1500 – 25 April 1566) was a French noblewoman and prominent courtier. She wielded much power and influence as King Henry II’s royal mistress and adviser until his death.

Diane de Poitiers
Children Françoise de Brézé, Princess of Sedan Louise de Brézé, Duchess of Aumale

Did King Francis II of France have an illegitimate child?

Until his death, Francis held the title King consort of Scotland. Mary and Francis were to have no children during their short marriage, however, possibly due to Francis’ illnesses or his undescended testicles.

Did Catherine de Medici have a deformed child?

Clarissa Delacroix was born in 1539, the illegitimate daughter of Queen Catherine de Medici of France and King Henry II of France’s boyhood friend Richard Delacroix. … The surgery removed part of the birthmark, but left Clarissa greatly disfigured due to the use of potions.

What happened to King Francis illegitimate son?

Francis fathered an illegitimate child

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When Mary and Francis weren’t on speaking terms, Francis slept with Lola. That union led to the illegitimate child John, who is now in the care of Catherine and the French court. … He died less than a year after becoming King of France, leaving Mary a widow.