Did the French rule Guyana?

How long did the British rule Guyana?

History of Guyana

Essequibo 1616–1815
Pomeroon 1650–1689
Demerara 1745–1815
British Guiana 1814–1966
Independence 1966–1970

When did the African came to Guyana?

From 1841, agents began to recruit labourers from Sierra Leone, most of whom had been liberated from the slave trading ships boarded by the British. Between 1838 and 1865, a total of 13,355 Africans came to Guyana as contract labourers.

How did the Portuguese get to Guyana?

People of Portuguese descent were mainly introduced to Guyana as indentured laborers to make up for the exodus of former slaves who left the sugar plantations upon emancipation. The first groups arrived in 1835 until 1882, most having arrived by the 1860s.

Why did the Chinese came to Guyana?

History. Fourteen thousand Chinese arrived in British Guiana between 1853 and 1879 on 39 vessels bound from Hong Kong to fill the labor shortage on the sugar plantations engendered by the abolition of slavery.

When did France Colonise Guyana?

The first French settlers arrived at the beginning of the 17th century. However, in 1652 they abandoned the colony which was then taken over by the Dutch in 1654. French Guiana has also been a Portuguese and a British colony.

What continent is French Guiana in?

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