Do French people still say mademoiselle?

Do the French still use mademoiselle?

Today, you’ll still hear mademoiselle being used, though usually by older French speakers for whom the term is still traditional. It is also occasionally used in formal situations. Most younger French speakers do not use the term, particularly in large cities like Paris.

Why is mademoiselle banned?

The small Brittany community has banned the use of the term in all its official documents, arguing that women, like men, should not be defined by their marital status. … Waiters can gently flatter a lady of a certain age by calling her “mademoiselle”, and officials can patronise by refusing to call a woman “madame”.

How do you address a French woman?


  1. “Monsieur” (M.) for a man, The plural is Messieurs (MM. for short).
  2. “Madame” (Mme) for a woman. The plural is Mesdames (Mmes).
  3. “Mademoiselle” (Mlle) is a traditional alternative for an unmarried woman. The plural is Mesdemoiselles (Mlles).

What’s the difference between Madame and mademoiselle?

This is because the word mademoiselle was created to refer to women who were unmarried, while madame was used to talk about women who were married. French men on the other hand were called monsieur no matter if they were married or not.

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Is it rude to say mademoiselle?

2 – Madame or Mademoiselle = Very Much a Question When Speaking. It is however considered much more polite in French to follow a “bonjour / bonsoir / merci” by “monsieur, madame or mademoiselle” when you speak. It’s a bit old school, but still VERY encouraged (although not adding a title is not impolite per se).

Is mademoiselle flirty?

Because, when you come down to it, once you’re over a certain age, being called mademoiselle is like a compliment, and usually a form of flirting. You might wonder how often this would happen, but French culture is known for its forms of politeness.

Can you call your teacher mademoiselle?

Normally, this kind of female teacher is called “madame” or “mademoiselle”. Good Luck! Explanation: Madame is the correct form of address, even if the lady in question is unmarried (mademoiselle).

What is a French girl called?

235. In France men are addressed as Monsieur and women as Madame or Mademoiselle. While a Monsieur is a monsieur no matter what, a Madame is a married woman and a Mademoiselle an unmarried woman.

Who uses mademoiselle?

Mademoiselle ([madmwazɛl]) is a French courtesy title, abbreviated Mlle, traditionally given to an unmarried woman. The equivalent in English is “Miss”. The courtesy title “Madame” is accorded women where their marital status is unknown.

What does it mean if someone calls you Mademoiselle?

1 : an unmarried French girl or woman —used as a title equivalent to Miss for an unmarried woman not of English-speaking nationality.

How old is French?

To ask someone’s age, you would say: Quel âge avez-vous ? How old are you, using vous. Tu as quel âge ?

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