Do French people use quotes?

How do French people write quotes?

While English typically uses either the double or the single apostrophe to make a quotation, French goes about it in an entirely different manner, using guillemets to reference a third party. Two angled brackets, guillemets, reference quotations or speech within a text.

Why don’t they use quotation marks in French?

This is because the French «azerty» keyboard is such a horrendous mess, that it’s almost impossible to type proper French with it, especially in Windows which has terrible keyboard management (most other systems are considerably better).

Do French people do air quotes?

French quotation marks are called – guillemets. Pronounced (gee-yee-may). … Anglo-American quote fingers are used in France. I was surprised when my French friends said that the French use quote fingers (or air-quotes) in the same way that they are used by English speakers.

Why do the French use guillemets?

The major difference is that, unlike quotation marks, guillemets are used to mark off the entire dialogue, not a change of speaker, which is instead indicated by a dash (un tiret).

Does French use the Oxford comma?

The French have complicated grammar, syntax and punctuation without the Oxford Comma. They spurn the Oxford Comma and yet embrace the ampersand!

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Do French use full stops?

En anglais, the decimal point is written with un point (a period or full stop) and thousands are marked with une virgule (a comma), but in French thousands are marked with un point (or sometimes just a space) and une virgule is used for decimal points!

Is there a space before a colon in French?

In French, exclamation points, question marks, colons, and semi-colons (all forms of “high” punctuation) should always have a space preceding them. For example, if you wanted to text your friend about how much you hate being online, you’d say Je déteste être en ligne !

Did Steve Martin invent air quotes?

According to, Steve is the one who “popularized” air quotes during his standup and “Saturday Night Live” appearances back in the day. … It seems like the first place Steve got credit for air quotes was a book called “How We Got Here: The ’70s, The Decade that Brought You Modern Life, for Better or Worse“.

Are quotes scared or air quotes?

Scare quotes usually create an informal tone. Scare quotes are the written equivalent of air quotes, which are rarely used (or should rarely be used) in formal situations.