Do I need a breathalyser to drive in France?

Is it illegal to drive without a breathalyzer in France?

A new law has come into force in France making it compulsory for drivers to carry a breathalyser kit in their vehicles or risk an on-the-spot fine. It is the latest move by the government aimed at bringing down the number of road deaths caused by alcohol.

Do I need an alcohol test to drive in France?

France has very strict drink driving laws . You are allowed a maximum of 0.5mg/ml of alcohol per litre in your blood, compared to 0.8mg/ml in the UK. … If you have between 0.5 and 0.8mg of alcohol in your blood you could be fined between €135 to €750 and lose 6 points off your licence.

Do you need breathalyser in France 2019?

What do I legally need to carry in my car when driving in France? … It’s also mandatory to carry a French government certified (NF) breathalyser or alcohol detection test kit in your car, but this law is currently in the process of being repealed and fines are not being imposed.

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What type of breathalyzer do I need in France?

A minimum of 2 approved disposable breathalysers must be carried in your car at any time while in France. When you pass the red line you are over the French drink drive limit.

Do I need breathalyser in France 2021?

Do I need a breathalyser to drive in France? Strictly speaking, you’re required to have a breathalyser kit in your vehicle when driving in France, but the reality is that no penalty will be imposed if you can’t present one during a police road check.

Do you need a breathalyser in Europe?

Since July 1st 2012 it has been compulsory for drivers of all motor vehicles to carry a breathalyser in France. The device must be certified by the French authorities and if asked, an unused breathalyser must be produced. Consequently, it pays to carry two single-use breathalysers in the vehicle at all times.

Can I drive in France after Brexit?

Yes, most UK drivers are still able to use their normal driving licence to drive in EU countries. There are some exceptions and what is called an International Driving Permit (IDP) may be needed. … For France and Germany, for example, some of those people will need a 1968 IDP.

Can I drive in France with a UK license?

A full, valid UK driving licence is required. Due to new updates from the DVLA the paper counterpart is no longer required and this includes when travelling on the Continent. You must be 18 or over to drive in France. A UK sticker to display in the rear windscreen and your motor insurance certificate(1).

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Do I need a green card to drive in France after Brexit?

A Green Card is a document that proves you have insurance to legally drive in the country you’re visiting. … From 2 August 2021, a Green Card (or International Motor Insurance Card) is no longer required for travel in the European Economic Area.

What do I need for driving in France 2021?

The Legal Requirements Checklist

A valid driving licence covering you for the vehicle you are driving/riding. An up-to-date passport (with at least six months left to run) for each occupant of the vehicle. Vehicle insurance documents, providing at least third-party cover.

Can I take my tools to France?

Bad news here, French customs states that: “Goods intended to furnish a secondary residence are no longer admitted free of customs duty and VAT.” So you can still bring items over, but if they are worth more than €430 you will have to pay customs duty on them.