Do the French eat fish?

Is fish eaten in France?

The French love of fish and seafood is consummated, in mainland France, in more specialist fish and seafood restaurants, per capita, than any other western nation.

What fish is popular in France?

The most common fish in our waters are salmon and trout. Cyprinids: This family includes most of the freshwater fish in France.

How much fish do French eat?

The per capita consumption of fish in France went from 19.1 kilograms in 1999, to 23.9 kilograms in 2018. Overall, the consumption volume fluctuated over this period: in 2012, French people consumed the highest volume of fish of the period (24.80 kilograms).

What does France mostly eat?

Top 10 of Commonly Consumed Food

  • Bread. When you imagine French food, the many different types of bread may come to mind. …
  • Pastries. Pastries are a common thing to snack on here. …
  • Cheese. This is a product created religiously. …
  • Soup and Potage. …
  • Magret de Canard. …
  • Desserts. …
  • Salads. …
  • Seafood.

Do the French eat shrimp?

The most popular shrimps on French menus: Crevette gris: Crevette gris, crevette boucot, crevette boucard or sauterelle– The sand shrimp, or gray or brown sand shrimp. These are small but very tasty, small, shrimps.

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Do the French eat cod?

Without any question, cod is France’s favorite fish. French chefs do wonders with fresh cod’s flavorful, white, flaky, meat which is at its best when lightly cooked. Fresh cod will usually be simply served with a butter sauce, though sometimes a crème fraîche and white wine sauce may accompany fresh cod.

Do French people eat salmon?

Salmon is the No. 1 fish eaten by the French, ahead of cod [No. … The French consumed about 165,000 metric tons of salmon. Last year, shoppers paid on average EUR 22.41 per kilogram for smoked salmon, EUR 11.60 for fresh salmon and EUR 13.80 for frozen.

Do French eat catfish?

The Wels Catfish, the European Catfish. Areas, where freshwater fishermen and women are at work like those who fish in the River Loire, will have plenty of wild catfish for the restaurant trade and these are the best. … Too big to eat; soon to be released.

What do the French serve with fish?

Bouillabaisse is a classic French fish soup with seafood. Use the freshest possible seafood for this recipe, and serve with a spicy sauce rouille for a memorable meal. Bouillabaisse is a classic French dish from southern France, in particular, of the port town Marseille.