Frequent question: Can you send chocolate in the post to France?

Can you mail food to France?

TIP: Send food items in their original manufacturer’s packaging if possible. Here is an indication of prohibited items for mailing to France. … France prohibits postal items, including registered and insured items, containing banknotes, coins that are current and legal tender in France, and precious metals.

Can I ship chocolate to Europe?

It is not a good idea to ship chocolate internationally from the US. … The best way to mail chocolate internationally is to either pick a company who specializes in shipping chocolate, such as ordering directly with Hershey’s or M&Ms or find a distributor based in the country you wish to ship to.

Can you post chocolate internationally?

Can I send Chocolate overseas? Yes!

What are you allowed to send to France?

You can only send certain items into France.

These restrictions include:

  • Drinks or other liquids over 1L or containing alcohol over 24% ABV (vodka, whisky, rum).
  • There are restrictions on some foods like vegetables, fruit, seeds, meat, fish, and dairy.

Can I send cigarettes in the mail to France?

The importation of tobacco leaves and stems, manufactured tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, chewing and smoking tobacco is permitted only on behalf of the State Monopoly, with the following exception: Manufactured tobaccos, including cigars and cigarettes, may be sent to individuals in France for personal use up to 10

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Can you send chocolate in the post UK?

Perishable foodstuffs are prohibited by most parcel couriers, at least when using non-specialised services. … These can normally be sent via courier. Chocolate, or chocolate-based products, are perishable if they need to be refrigerated in order not to spoil.

Can you send a chocolate bar in the post?

Fans across the UK can visit the virtual postal service and send a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk to a friend or loved one in the post anonymously, free of charge.

Will M&M’s melt in the mail?

Any product whose main ingredient is chocolate, such as Brach’s Chocolate Stars, Chocolate Cigars, Chocolate Coins, Coconut Bon Bons, Colorworks M&M’s, Malted Milk Balls, or Misty Mints, will be damaged if exposed to hot temperatures.

How can I send chocolate overseas without melting?

Here are some packaging materials you should consider:

  1. Insulated box – There are many kinds of shipping boxes for your chocolates. …
  2. Bubble wrap – Used to stabilise the inside of your package. …
  3. Cold packs – Sealed in plastic bags, these cold packs help maintain the coolness of your goods and act as a portable refrigerator.

Can you send sweets to Europe?

Can be sent(must not contain dairy or be of animal origin) : Sweets / Candy. Biscuits / Cookies.

Can you send cigarettes through the mail UK?

Can you post tobacco in the post? The amount is 200 cigs to my mother by royal mail. Yes you can and no restrictions as to the amount as long as your mother is in the GB and not abroad.

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