Frequent question: Can you travel France in a barge?

How much does a barge cost in France?

The prices for a Freycinet barge can vary between 700 to 5000 euros/year, and sometimes more in central Paris or other popular spots.

What is a barge in France?

Barges are handsome vessels carrying 4-22 passengers that cruise through European canals, primarily in France. … A dedicated crew cooks and cleans, pilots the barge, and gives chauffeured tours of local vineyards, châteaux, historic churches, markets and enchanting Medieval villages.

What should I take on a barge trip?

Essential items for a barge cruise : a lighter, clothes pegs and … gardening gloves: so that you can cultivate your skills at mooring and steering without wrecking your hands. There is a first-aid box on board so you don’t need to worry about that; just bring any of your own medications that you need.

Can I live on a canal boat in France?

For many people of a certain age and stage of life, and income level, setting up housekeeping on a barge is an ideal way to live in Europe, at least for one or two years.

What is the best area for canal boats in France?

Burgundy Franche Comté canal boat hire is a simple process and makes the region one of the most popular to barge travel in France. Alongside the fantastic canals and rolling landscapes, the Burgundy region is a haven for French cuisine, both food and wine.

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Is a barge a boat?

A barge is a kind of cargo-carrying vessel designed to transport passengers or goods through rivers or canals. Normally, these shipping vessels are long, flat-bottomed boats that do not have a self-propelling mechanism. … A standard barge has a capacity of 1500 tons, measures 195 feet long and 35 feet wide.

What can you cook on a barge?

5 Easy Meals to Cook on Your Narrowboat

  1. Grilled chicken and veggie skewers. Perfect as a side dish or a quick main course, grilled chicken skewers are a fast and healthy way to give yourself a boost. …
  2. Pasta primavera. …
  3. Eggs florentine. …
  4. Macaroni cheese. …
  5. Bacon, soft-boiled egg and watercress salad.

What do you wear on a barge?

There aren’t any formal dress-up nights on a barge cruise. The closest thing to it is probably the farewell dinner on the last night of the voyage. But even then, you don’t need to wear anything fancy. Slacks and a nice top for women and long pants with a collared tee shirt for men are fine.

What do you wear to a barge holiday?


  • Trainers (non-slip)
  • Wellies.
  • Slippers/warm socks for evening.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Cap or hat.
  • Raincoat.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Fleece/hoody.

How much does it cost to moor a boat in Paris?

Mooring fees

In general mooring along the waterways is free of charge except for private marinas (like ours), often less than 10 euros a night. Rates will, naturally, be higher in Paris! If you leave your boat in a marina, then rates vary, but should not exceed 2,000 euros for the year.