Frequent question: How do you use Manquer in French?

How do you conjugate Manquer in French?

Here manquer is conjugated with the tu pronoun because it is informal.

Manquer: Emotion.

Verb Conjugation Pronunciation Translation
nous me manquons (noo muh mahnk-ohn) I miss us
vous me manquez (voo muh mahnk-ay) I miss you (plural/formal)
ils/elles me manquent (eel/el muh mahnk) I miss them

Is Manquer regular or irregular?

The Basic Conjugations of Manquer

Manquer is a regular -er verb so it follows the conjugation pattern that most French verbs use.

How do you use manque in a sentence?

Examples of ‘manque’ in a sentence

Wexall had been too long a court performer to be caught offbalance; he was an actor manqué, but not a failure in measured delivery. It was good to be amid the clamor and grime of the city; he’d had enough of Senator Dedalus and his odd James Bond manqué.

Why do you say tu me manques?

Accordingly, in the English “I miss you,” the object is “you.” In the French tu me manques, the object is me (me). … Well, the pronouns are reversed because the French phrase tu me manques translates literally into “you are missing from me.”

What is the difference between rater and Manquer?

Both can be used to mean: I missed my shot, school, my deadline, etc.. Rater can be used to mean failing an exam, or when a gun does not fire its shot, it means to go wrong. Manquer means to fail, to be lacking, to be absent.

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What does Manquee mean?

: short of or frustrated in the fulfillment of one’s aspirations or talents —used postpositively a poet manqué

Is besoin a verb?

avoir besoin de [infinitif] = to need [to do]

Elle a besoin de faire ses devoirs. She needs to do her homework.

How do you conjugate marcher?

Conjugate the verb marcher:

  1. je marche. tu marches.
  2. il marchait. nous avons marché
  3. vous marcherez.
  4. ils marcheraient.

What is the meaning of Le Chaine?

Noun. dog. hound.

Is manque a Scrabble word?

Yes, manque is in the scrabble dictionary.