Frequent question: Is French vanilla coffee sweet?

What does French vanilla coffee taste like?

French vanilla coffee has French vanilla syrup that gives it a creamy flavor or a combination of hazelnut and vanilla syrups that gives it a nutty flavor. … Both French vanilla and vanilla coffee have a rich vanilla flavor.

What’s the difference between vanilla and French vanilla coffee?

French Vanilla Flavor

While the French vanilla label technically only applies to ice cream, many products—like coffee creamer—are French vanilla-flavored. This means that the vanilla tastes rich, caramelized, eggy, and has a custardy flavored finish.

Is French vanilla coffee bitter?

Some reviewers found that this coffee was particularly bitter for their tastes. The natural French vanilla flavor may not be sweet enough for some.

What is the sweetest coffee at Starbucks?

The caramel macchiato is the sweetest hot drink at starbucks, it has 44g of sugar in it because it has the vanilla syrup in it and it’s got the caramel sauce drizzled on top.

How much sugar is in a Tim Hortons French Vanilla?

Medium French vanilla

But sadly, one of these contains 310 calories and 40g of sugar.

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