Frequent question: Is the French vanilla flavor at Dunkin vegan?

How can I get help?

Is Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Swirl vegan?

However, the Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mocha Swirl, and Coconut flavor shots are all vegan-friendly.

Is Dunkin smoked vanilla vegan?

Dunkin’s Smoked Vanilla Iced Latte sees espresso mixed with Smoked Vanilla-flavored syrup and can be made with your choice of dairy or dairy alternative.

What items at Dunkin are vegan?

Here’s Dunkin Donuts’ Vegan Menu:

  • Coffee Drinks – no whipped topping. Espresso. …
  • Vegan Flavor Shots. Vanilla. …
  • Non-Coffee Drinks. Hot or Iced Tea. …
  • Donuts. There are no donuts available that are vegan friendly.
  • Sandwiches. Beyond Sausage Sandwich – no egg or cheese. …
  • Bagels/Muffins. …
  • Sides. …
  • Breakfast.

What flavor swirls are vegan at Dunkin?

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry, Coconut Flavor Shots. Mocha Swirl. Hot/Iced Tea (all varieties)

What is Dunkin French Vanilla Swirl?

Among them are French Vanilla and Hazelnut Swirls, which the chain describes as a “sweeter, creamier take on the brand’s most popular coffee flavors.” Put a swirl in a latte, and the result is “a sweeter, more indulgent beverage,” Dunkin’ said.

Is Dunkin pumpkin vegan?

The Pumpkin Swirl contains milk, so none of Dunkin’s pumpkin-flavored drinks can be made vegan.

Is Dunkin gingerbread vegan?

The gingerbread flavored swirl syrup is not vegan. It is made with sweetened condensed nonfat milk. If you’re looking for a vegan holiday drink, you’ll have to pass on the Gingerbread Latte.

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