Frequent question: Is vaping banned in France?

Is vaping legal in France?

The French government considered a ban on vaping in public places in 2013 but decided against it. Vaping is currently legal in bars and restaurants but since October 2017 it has been prohibited in educational institutions, public transport and open plan offices.

What countries can you not vape in?

2 Five (5) countries specifically prohibit the sale of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes: Australia, Costa Rica**, Japan, Mexico, Sri Lanka. 3 Importation is not allowed without permit from the health ministry, use in public places is banned.

Do they have puff bars in France?

Puff Bar Europe Official Store | UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary – Puff Bar.

How many Vapers are in France?

In the absence of a large-scale statistical study, it is difficult to answer this question exactly. We nevertheless estimate the current number of vapers at nearly 3 million … in France alone.

Do people Juul in France?

A few months ago, Juul Labs announced its imminent arrival in France, and a recent press release confirms it: the Juul is now available for purchase in France.

How old do u have to be to vape in France?

France: The sales of e-cigarettes or machines that imitate smoking, as well as the sale of cartridges containing or not containing nicotine, are prohibited to people under 18 years of age.

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Do they sell VUSE pods in France?

The product marketed as VUSE EPOD in Canada is identical to the product marketed as VUSE ALTO in the USA. … The same product is sold in 7 European countries (France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Poland), with 5 to 12 flavours.

Is vaping allowed in Greece?

E-cigarettes are legal but the Greek government banned zero-nicotine fluids in 2018 in an attempt to stop vapers mixing their own fluid. Greeks cannot buy e-cigarettes or vaping fluids from other EU countries by mail order. … Vaping has been banned wherever smoking is banned since 2016.

Will vaping be banned in UK?

While nothing is set in stone, it doesn’t look like vaping will be banned in the UK. The government has a goal to be smoke free by 2030 and there are many MP’s and public health bodies who are very vocal about how important a role vaping will play in this plan.

Can I vape in public places UK?

There isn’t currently a legal ban on vaping in public places. E-cigarette vapour isn’t harmful to bystanders in the same way as conventional cigarette smoke. ³ However, it is advisable to be considerate when vaping around other people.