Frequent question: What does co stand for in French?

What can co stand for?

“Co” is just an abbreviation for the word “company.” A company is an association of people working in a commercial business. This can be a limited liability company, sole proprietorship, or another structure. Abbreviating “company” as “co” does not have a specific meaning regarding a business’s legal structure.

What is the French abbreviation?

The Most Common French Acronyms and Abbreviations

Popular French Acronyms and Abbreviations
ADN acide désoxyribonucléique
AEF Afrique équatoriale française
AF allocations familiales
ALENA Accord de libre-échange nord-américain

What is the full name of CO?

CO Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Carbon Monoxide Chemistry CO
Central Office Computer and Networking CO
Colombia Country Names CO
Central Operations Telecommunication CO

How do you use CO?

To address a piece of mail to someone using c/ o, write the addressee’s name, followed by their title, if applicable. Then you will add the c/o portion of the address, starting with “c/o” in lowercase letters and the person or organization you are sending the mail to. Wonderful Co.

How do you text slang in French?

Some common abbreviations used in texting include:

  1. C’est (it is) → C.
  2. T’es (you are) → T.
  3. C’était (it was) → Ct.
  4. T’inquiète (don’t worry) → Tkt.
  5. Que (that) → Ke.
  6. Qu’est-ce que (what, what is) → Keske.
  7. Désolé (sorry) → Dsl.
  8. Mort de rire (“dying of laughter,” the French equivalent of LOL) → MDR.
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What is co medical term?

CO. cardiac output. carbon monoxide. complains of…

What is the full from of BDO?

BDO stands for Block Development Officer. He or she is the office in charge of a block for its development and activities. BDO supervises the execution of all the programs related to the planning and development of the blocks.