Frequent question: What does Pompidou mean in French?

What does the French word Pompidou mean?

Just so you know more than Franck and Chloe, the name Pompidou is the name of a French President, Georges Pompidou (1969-1974). It means “someone who is from Pompidou”, a location in the South-East of France. … It is not a surprise considering the South-East of France is a very mountainous region.

What kind of dog is Pompidou?

Pompidou appears to be a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix – a common mixed breed typically used in dog fighting. Pompidou is likely named after the French president Georges Pompidou (1969-1974).

Is Victoria Chase dead?

If Max managed to warn Victoria about Nathan and the dark room, she will approach Jefferson for help, which ends her up in the dark room, drugged and tied up next to Max. She pleads for Max to help her but is later murdered by Jefferson. Victoria won’t be seen in the dark room and is presumed safe.

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