Frequent question: What effects did the Treaty of Versailles have in Europe quizlet?

What was the impact of the Treaty of Versailles quizlet?

Germany had to accept War Guilt (sole responsibility for the war). You just studied 7 terms!

What was an effect of the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I?

The Treaty of Versailles is one of the most controversial armistice treaties in history. The treaty’s so-called “war guilt” clause forced Germany and other Central Powers to take all the blame for World War I. This meant a loss of territories, reduction in military forces, and reparation payments to Allied powers.

What impact do you think the Versailles Treaty had on Germany?

The treaty gave some German territories to neighbouring countries and placed other German territories under international supervision. In addition, Germany was stripped of its overseas colonies, its military capabilities were severely restricted, and it was required to pay war reparations to the Allied countries.

How did the Treaty of Versailles sow the seeds of instability in Europe?

How did the Treaty of Versailles sow the seeds of instability in Europe? The treaty blamed Germany for the war, and striped the nation of its territories while at the same time making it pay exorbitant reparations, causing a deep resentment towards the countries who put together the treaty.

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Was the Treaty of Versailles a good settlement to ensure the peace and help Europe recover from the war?

The Treaty made for dictatorship and a power struggle between Germany, and the allies. … The Treaty did not ensure international security and also created a moral predicament. The Allies found it suitable to punish Germany ( which was a lack of morals) while Germany was dominated by their power.

What did France gain from the Treaty of Versailles?

France gained a lot from the Treaty of Versailles. Alsace and Lorriaine were returned by Germany to them. France was compensated for the destruction of its coal mines by Germany in 1918.