Frequent question: When French sneezes rest of Europe catches cold?

When France sneezes the rest of Europe catches the cold?

If France is sneezing, the rest of Europe catches cold,’ said the Austrian Chancellor, Metternich. He found the political changes in France to be exciting for other European countries. Like the French Revolution and democracy, fairness & fraternity values.

Who said when France sneezes the rest of Europe catches cold * 1 point a Garibaldi B Bismarck C Mazzini D Duke Metternich?

Textbook solution

Metternich was an Austrian chancellor. He said this statement because liberal in Europe get inspired by the revolution of liberals in France to overthrow monarchy. Conservation and Aristocracy form their elected constitutions. Metternich said that Frances sneezes the rest of the Europe catches cold.

What is the meaning of when the American economy sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold?

If you are a student of world affairs, you may know the phrase “when America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” What the phrase means, of course, is that as a global leader, other nations tend to follow America. What happens in America affects the rest of the world, be it for good or bad.

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Who gave the comment that when France sneezes Europe gets cold a Matternich B Frederic Sorrieu C Napoleon D Giuseppe Mazzini?

‘When France sneezes,’ Metternich once remarked, ‘the rest of Europe catches cold.

What did Metternich mean to say?

Metternich was an Austrian alive during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era. … When Metternich used the metaphor “when France sneezes, Europe catches a cold“, he was referencing both events. When France’s people rebelled against the absolute monarchy, the rest of Europe was tangled in the mess.

Which of the following quote is said by Metternich?

‘When France sneezes,’ Metternich once remarked, ‘the rest of Europe catches. cold. ‘

What did Metternich remark about events in France?

Answer: Metternich remarked “When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold“.