Frequent question: Which of the following is the salient features of the French Constitution?

Which one of the following is taken from the French Constitution?

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Name of Countries Borrowed Features of the Constitution
France 1. Concept of “Republic” 2. Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity(contained in the Preamble)
Germany 1. Fundamental Rights are suspended during Emergency
South Africa 1. Election of members of the Rajya Sabha 2. Amendment of the Constitution

What were the main features of the French Constitution of 1971?

(1) The king came under the supervision of the government and France became a constitutional monarchy. (2) Feudal system was abolished. (3) The nobility and the clergy were stripped-off of their privileges. (4) Taxes collected by the Church were abolished and lands owned by the Church were confiscated.

Is French Constitution rigid?

A Rigid Constitution:

The power to propose an amendment is with the President cum the Prime Minister, and with the members of the Parliament. The power of amendment is with the Parliament. ADVERTISEMENTS: … As such, the French Constitution is a rigid Constitution.

What is constitution and features of constitution?

The basic structure of the Constitution i.e. its most fundamental features can be described as: Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles, Secularism, Federalism, Republicanism, Independence of Judiciary, Rule of Law, and Liberal Democracy.

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What were the main features of the Constitution of 1791 in France mention any three points?

(1) it make a France constitution monarchy. (2) the power of the government were separate and assigned to different institutions the legislative, axcuite and judiciary independently. (3) the national assembly was given power to make laws.

Why was the French Constitution made?

The short-lived French Constitution of 1791 was the first written constitution in France, created after the collapse of the absolute monarchy of the Ancien Régime. One of the basic precepts of the revolution was adopting constitutionality and establishing popular sovereignty.

What are the features of French Revolution Class 10?

French Revolution

  • A body of active citizens, elected the Estates General and renamed it the National Assembly.
  • A centralised administrative system was created formulating uniform laws for all French citizens.
  • All internal custom duties and dues were abolished.
  • A uniform system of weights and measures was adopted.

What are the features of the Constitution of France drafted in 1791?

1)It limited the power of the monarch. 2)Division of powers between legislative,executive and judiciary was made. 3)The third estate people also could hold positions in the assembly. 4)The division of different of people into states was no longer followed.