Frequent question: Why did the French want Alsace Lorraine?

Why was Alsace-Lorraine so important?

Alsace-Lorraine was a border region located between the Rhine River and the Vosges Mountains. Its role in French wartime propaganda, its geographic location, and its tumultuous recent history all combined to give the region a distinct experience of the First World War.

When did Alsace become French?

In 1871, Alsace was annexed to the new German Empire following its victory in the Franco-Prussian War. The occupation lasted until 1918 when, after Germany’s defeat in the First World War, the region was ceded to France under the Treaty of Versailles.

Was Alsace-Lorraine originally French or German?

Starting from the mid-seventeenth century, the Alsace-Lorraine was French, no question about it. That is, until it was lost to Germany between 1871 and 1919. The temporary loss of this mineral-rich territory proved to be a rather traumatic experience for many a French person.

What happened to Alsace-Lorraine after World War I?

What happened to Alsace-Lorraine after World War I? It was taken from Germany and given back to France. … It was taken from Germany to make a new buffer state between France and Germany.

Why is Alsace a special region in the history of France?

Pre-Roman Alsace

It creates Foehn winds which, along with natural irrigation, contributes to the fertility of the soil. In a world of agriculture, Alsace has always been a rich region which explains why it suffered so many invasions and annexations in its history.

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