How can I finance my studies in France?

Can international student get loan in France?

For students in France, BNP Paribas offers: The Student Loan, for amounts ranging from €760 to €75,000 over a period ranging from 4 to 144 months. … International student offer: the Visa Premier card, offered at no cost for one year to students planning to study abroad.

How can I get funding for my studies?

5 Ways to fund your studies

  1. THe National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) …
  2. University financial aid. …
  3. External bursaries. …
  4. Student loans. …
  5. Crowdfunding for students.

Which bank is good for students in France?

Britline (Crédit Agricole), La Banque Postale and HSBC are good options for international students in Paris. There are also a number of online-only banks, such as Boursorama, Hellobank and Fortuneo, which offer rewards for joining.

How do student loans work in France?

Student loans (Prêts étudiants)

Students are eligible for state-guaranteed loans of up to 15000 euros at a low interest rate. 70% of the amount loaned is guaranteed 10 years by the state. The loans are granted by commercial banks and require a further guarantee for the remaining 30%.

How can I study if I don’t have money?

When the need arises to study and you have no money, you can also source for money to finance your studies by meeting your family members and close friends to help you out. You can also come with your mentor to guide you on how to go about asking for help. He or she may also help you in funding your education as well.

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How can a student get a French bank account?

To open a French bank account, you’ll need :

  1. A student visa (“VLS-TS visa in French”)
  2. Proof of enrollment in a French university.
  3. Proof of accommodation with your name and your French address on it. (“justificatif de domicile” in French). …
  4. Optional : A French phone number (not a prepaid one !)

Can a foreigner open a bank account in France?

You are entitled to open a bank account in France whether you are a resident or non-resident, even if you do not own a property in the country. However, while residents have an automatic right to a bank account, non-residents do not.