How did French island get its name?

Who named French Island?

French Island, island within the bay of Western Port, southern Victoria, Australia, southeast of Melbourne, 84 square miles (218 square km) in area. Named Ile de France by the French scientist and explorer Nicolas Baudin in the early 19th century, the island is low and marshy in the northwest, rising to wooded hills.

Does French Island have snakes?

Discovered by a French explorer in 1803, the island was used as a prison to hold Indigenous Australians before being turned into a quarantine station. Now, it’s the safe haven for a thriving population of tiger snakes, who enjoy the luxury of having no predators on the island.

Is French Island privately owned?

Today, the French Island National Park occupies two-thirds of the island while the other third is privately owned. In 2000, French Island became a part of the Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve, one of only four in Victoria and 440 in the world.

Can you stay on French Island?

Home to little more than 100 residents, French Island’s isolation can feel magnified in winter, when the windswept isle can be downright chilly. But if you don’t mind the cold, there’s no bad time to visit. … Staying on the island also makes it easier to spot koalas at dawn and dusk, when they’re more active.

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Can you go to French Island?

French Island is only 61km south-east of Melbourne. Access to the island is by the Western Point Ferries passenger ferry running daily from Stony Point pier or Cowes on Phillip Island to Tankerton Jetty. Tickets for the 15-minute ferry ride are $26 for adult return and $12 for a child return.

Is there Internet on French Island?

There is a public telephone in front of the French Island General Store. For Internet connections, talk to your neighbours about which service is most appropriate for your circumstances and location. … Mail can be collected from the French Island General Store which is also the Post Office.

How many koalas are on French Island?

Local ecologist and treasurer of the Friends of French Island volunteer group Chris Chandler estimates the local population to be around 3000, on an island of 170 square kilometres.

Can you swim to French Island?

Hazards to be aware of on French Island: Swimming is not recommended due to the soft muds and strong currents. Snakes are present and should be left alone.

Does anyone live on French Island Victoria?

French Island has a permanent population of about 110 people and a part-time population of around 100. With no road link to the mainland residents must be largely self-sufficient and have a keen understanding of water and electricity use, since they are responsible for both.