How do I get a criminal record check in France?

How do I get a police clearance certificate from France?

Getting a French Police Clearance

  1. Procedure. Download, fill out (use black ink) and sign the following application form (only in French). formulaire_10071-05 (PDF – 38.3 kb) …
  2. Delay. It usually takes two to three weeks to obtain the Police clearance certificate.
  3. Cost. This document is free of charge.

How do I get a police check in France?

You can apply:

  1. By post: Casier judiciaire national, 44317 Nantes cedex 3. Please enclose a proof of identity (copy of your passeport, etc.) and your address. You can also use the document Cerfa n° 10071 for your application.
  2. By fax (if your request is urgent): +33 251 89 89 18.

Do I need a police certificate for France?

If you’re a citizen of France, you don’t need to provide a police certificate from this country with your application. … You must provide police certificates for all other countries or territories where you’ve lived for a total of 6 months or more since your 18th birthday.

How do I get a French background check?

How to obtain your “bulletin n° 3” : You should personally contact the French ministry of Justice, “Service du casier judiciaire”, which is the only relevant authority. The “Bulletin n° 3” (French certificate of good conduct) is issued free of charge to the person concerned only.

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What is police certificate in France?

Police Clearance Certificate is a document that is issued by the France Police which contains the information about the applicant about his involvement in criminal activities.

How do I get a police clearance in New Caledonia?

People seeking to obtain a police clearance (extrait de casier judiciaire) from authorities in New Caledonia or in Wallis and Futuna should contact the Courts of Appeal in these countries. You should confirm that the requesting authority will accept these police clearances.

Can I live in France with a criminal record?

In order to travel to France, any eligible citizen from around the world will be in need of an ETIAS for France, whether or not they have committed a criminal act in the past or not.

Can you work in France with a criminal record?

In France, a strong cultural and legal barrier theoretically prohibits the employer from checking criminal record information and/or using this information to justify a disciplinary sanction or a dismissal.

Do EU countries share criminal records?

Since 2012, all EU countries have been connected to ECRIS, the European Criminal Records Information System. This shared database was created in order to improve the exchange of information about criminal convictions in the European Union. … A criminal record is shared in around 30% of the cases when one is requested.