How do people in France stay healthy?

What do French people do to stay healthy?

Stay fit the French way – fun, effortlessly and without cutting out your favorite foods – with these six French health secrets.

  • Moderation is rule number one. …
  • Exercise for pleasure, not punishment. …
  • Keep moving. …
  • Make your abs in the cuisine not the gym. …
  • Healthy relaxation is part of the puzzle. …
  • No age limit, ever.

How healthy are the French people?

The French live long lives

Men live to 79.5 and women to 86. “The French enjoy a relatively long life expectancy compared to other European countries, notably because of the good quality of care delivered by the health system,” said the OECD’s head of health Francesca Colombo.

Is the French lifestyle healthy?

According to International Living’s 2016 Global Retirement Index, France ranks number one for the best healthcare in Europe. … As a result of their excellent healthcare (and better diet) the French are one of the healthiest countries on earth judging by life expectancy.

Why is everyone skinny in France?

Walking a Way of Life

“French women don’t work out; they walk,” Guiliano has told WebMD. This daily physical activity is one of the reasons they tend to be thinner. Having a car in any European city is a challenge. As a result, city folks do plenty of walking, and in the country, they walk or ride bicycles.

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Why is the French diet healthy?

Forget low-fat, low-carb, low-taste, and low-calorie — the French diet is full of flavor and high in satisfaction. Here’s how eating la manière Française (the French way) can keep you slim and healthy. Portion control.

How do people exercise in France?

For the French, exercising keeps one fit and trim (both physically and mentally) above all. On average, they devote 2 hours and 40 minutes each week to physical activity, a figure which includes those who abstain completely. To find out more about how the French exercise, check the relevant article on The Inside Scoop.