How do the French celebrate Assumption Day?

Why is 15 August a holiday in France?

Miracle, in 1637, the young Louis – who will become Louis XIV – is born. Louis XIII then decides that August 15th will be a Marian celebration, honoring the Virgin Mary. August 15th is all the more so as important than before, this date has been chosen to be French national day from 1806 to 1813.

What does Assumption mean in French?

l’Assomption the Assumption.

Is May 24 a holiday in France?

During the 11 official public holidays in France, most businesses, shops and offices will be closed.

List of Holidays in France in 2021.

Date May 24
Holiday Name Whit Monday
French Name Lundi de Pentecôte
Type Public Holiday
Comments 7th Monday after Easter
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