How do they spell school in French?

Is school FEM or MASC in French?

Answer and Explanation:

The word école is a feminine noun. If you would like to say ‘a school’ be sure to use the feminine indefinite article, une: une école….

How do you spell education in French?

French translation of ‘education’

  1. provided by schools) éducation f. There should be more investment in education. On devrait investir plus dans l’éducation. a man with little education un homme peu instruit. …
  2. (= teaching) enseignement m ⧫ instruction f. She works in education. …
  3. (= subject) pédagogie f.

What is the French word for spelling?

spell → épeler. spell → envoûtement, épeler.

How are you spelling in French?

Comment allez-vous? (How are you?)

“Comment allez-vous?” (“How are you?”) is probably the most basic way of asking “how are you” in French. It’s used in formal situations, such as with your boss or French teacher.

Is Stylo masculine or feminine?

The word for pen in French is stylo. Stylo is a masculine noun, so if you wanted to say ‘the pen,’ for example, you would use the masculine definite…

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Is the French word ordinateur masculine or feminine?

ordinateur portable noun, masculine.

How do you say school in different languages?

In other languages school

  • American English: school /ˈskul/
  • Arabic: مَدْرَسَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: escola.
  • Chinese: 学校
  • Croatian: škola.
  • Czech: škola.
  • Danish: skole.
  • Dutch: school.

What is the meaning of student in French?

student → étudiant; étudiante; élève.

How do you say education in other languages?

In other languages education

  1. Arabic: تَعْلِيم
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: educação.
  3. Chinese: 教育
  4. Croatian: školovanje.
  5. Czech: vzdělání
  6. Danish: uddannelse.
  7. Dutch: onderwijs.
  8. European Spanish: educación académica.

Is fridge short for Frigidaire?

The OED describes “fridge” as a colloquial abbreviation for “refrigerator,” a much older term that showed up in the early 1600s. … The company adopted the name “Frigidaire” in 1919, three years after “frig” and “friges” were used in the brewery paper cited above.

What do the French call France?

The answer is simply… FRANCE! For those of you who can read IPA, pronunciation in French is: fʁɑ̃s.