How do you ask what songs you like in French?

How do you ask what kind of music do you like in French?

Tu aime quelle chanson ?

How do you say what is your favorite song in French?

What’s your favorite song? Quelle est ta chanson préférée ?

How do you say we like music in French?

So, “J’aime la musique“.

How do you say what music do you listen to in French?

We would say “Quel type de musique est-ce que tu écoutes ?” Notice: Don’t forget the ‘s’ for “aimes” (in your sentence) or “écoutes” (in mine).

What kind of music is French?

List of Music Genres

Music Genres Genres de musique
pop la musique pop
folk music, folk song la musique folk, la chanson folk
classical music la musique classique
jazz music le jazz

How do you write I love this song in French?

Context sentences

I love this song! J’adore cette chanson !

What is the Hindi meaning of one of my Favourite?

मेरा पसंदीदा गीत में से एक

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How do you write I like in French?

The French translation for “I like” is j’aime. The French, j’aime, can be broken down into 2 parts:”I (before a vowel sound)” (j’) and “love; like (1st person singular)” (aime).

How do you say we like chocolate in French?

J’aime le chocolat‘ but ‘Je mange du chocolat. ‘