How do you conjugate Conditionnel in French?

What is conditionnel in French examples?

The French conditional (le conditionnel) mood is very similar to the English conditional mood.

The Verbs That Don’t Follow the Rules.

Infinitive Verb Conditional Stem Similar Verbs
aller ir-
avoir aur-
courir courr- concourir, discourir, parcourir
devoir devr-

How do you form a conditionnel passe?

The conditionnel passé is formed by using the conditional of the helping verb (avoir or être) + the past participle of the action being performed.

The past conditional tells what the subject would have done:

  1. Je l’aurais salué, mais je ne l’ai pas vu. …
  2. Elles seraient arrivées à l’heure, mais leur voiture était en panne.

What is the conditionnel present?

To conjugate a verb into the conditional present, we use the same verb stem as the future and add the following endings: -ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient. je danserais, tu danserais, il danserait, nous danserions, vous danseriez, ils danseraient.

What is French conditionnel?

The conditional is used to refer to hypothetical events. It occurs in polite requests and most frequently with if clauses. In French, it is called le conditionnel and is most often translated by would in English. … The conditional endings are -ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient (These are also the imperfect endings).

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How do you make conditionnel present in French?

Formation of Present Conditional

The present conditional is extremely regular in its formation; for all verbs, it is made simply by adding the imperfect endings (-ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient) to the conditional stem (which is the same as the future stem).

How do you form a perfect conditional in French?

The conditional perfect, also called the past conditional (conditionnel passé), is used to express what would have happened. To form the conditional perfect, use the conditional of avoiror être, plus a past participle, for example ‘j’aurais travaillé’ – ‘I would have worked’.

How do you use conditional passe in French?

Past conditional — Use

The past conditional is used to express hypothetical or “contrary to fact” statements: Elle m’a dit qu’elle aurait voulu venir nous voir. (She told me that she would have liked to come and see us.) À votre place, j’aurais fait la même chose.

How do you form a perfect conditional?

In English, the conditional perfect is formed using would have together with the past participle of the main verb.


  1. You would have got[ten] more money if you had worked harder.
  2. If we had run faster, we would have arrived earlier.
  3. If I were a woman, I would have entered the contest.

What are the endings for the imperfect tense in French?

The imperfect tense endings for -er and -re verbs are: -ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient.