How do you conjugate Sortir in French?

How is Sortir conjugated?

The verb sortir follows the pattern of mentir but can be conjugated with two auxiliaries être and avoir in compound forms: il est sorti (intransitive) / il a sorti le bois (transitive). In legal context the verberb sortir follows the pattern of finir and can be only used in 3rd person: il sortissait.

Is Sortir conjugated with avoir?

Compound Tenses with Prepositions

For example, when using our above transitive verb example in the past, sortir is conjugated with avoir as the auxiliary instead of être: J’ai sorti les poubelles. … Note that the past participle does not agree with the subject or the object of the verb.

How do you use Sortir in French?

Sortir is usually followed by a preposition of place and complement of place (not a direct object as in English).

  1. Je sors DE la maison. I am exiting the house – in French, you need a “de”.
  2. Je sors DANS la rue. I am going out in the street.

Is Sortir a regular verb in French?

The verbs partir, sortir, and dormir are irregular in the present tense, that is, they are not conjugated like regular -ir verbs. Listen carefully to the pronunciation of these verbs, noting especially the pronunciation of the consonant sound in the plural forms.

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How do you conjugate Sortir in the subjunctive?

Now that we’ve got that down, let’s move onto how to conjugate sortir. Below, you’ll find this verb in its most common tenses.

How to conjugate sortir in the subjunctive.

Pronoun Ending Example
Je e sorte
Tu es sortes
Il/elle/on e sorte
Nous ions sortions

What is the stem of Sortir?

Irregular French Verbs

Endings Dormir Sortir
-s tu dors tu sors
-t il dort il sort
-ons nous dormons nous sortons
-ez vous dormez vous sortez

What is opposite of Sortir in French?

Sortir means to “go out,” “to get out of something,” or “to get something out.” It is the opposite of entrer (to enter) and can be transitive or intransitive. A few examples of the use of sortir include: Je sors ce soir.

What is the third person singular conjugation of Sortir?


infinitive sortir
present participle sortint
past participle masculine
person singular

What is the difference between partir and Sortir in French?

Partir is an irregular -ir verb that conveys the particular meaning of ‘leaving with the intention of going somewhere. … Sortir is an irregular -ir verb that conveys the particular meaning of ‘going out or to exit from an enclosed space. ‘ It is often followed by the preposition de. Bette: Je vais sortir ce soir.

What is the meaning of Sortir?

[sɔʀtiʀ ] Full verb table intransitive verb. 1. (= partir) to go out.

Is Sortir a Vandertramp verb?

For example, even though sortir is a Vandertramp verb, you can see the sentence J’ai sorti les poubelles, meaning “I took out the trash.”

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