How do you know if furniture is French provincial?

What is French Provincial sofa?

French country style gets a hint of a glamorous flair in this sofa. It’s built with a solid and engineered wood frame and features rolled tuxedo arms for a chesterfield-inspired silhouette. The velvet upholstery is filled with foam and is decorated with button tufting and a nailhead trim for a hint of vintage design.

What period is French provincial?

French Provincial, sometimes used interchangeably with French Country, refers to a decorating and furnishing style that originated in the provinces of France throughout the 1700s and 1800s.

What does French provincial look like?

Because the French provincial aesthetic combines ornate carvings, mouldings and decorative wrought iron with simple textures and sturdy furniture, it can be a confusing style to re-create. The main thing is that it focuses on combining beauty and elegance with rustic, country style features.

What color is French provincial?

Classic, yet casual, French provincial furniture are often painted in white and adorned with gilt, and feature discreet floral accents. Standing at the crossroads of Rococo, rustic, and French countryside styles, French Provincial furniture gives a highly inspired and very elegant European look to any room.

What is cabriole leg in furniture?

cabriole leg, leg of a piece of furniture shaped in two curves—the upper one convex, the lower one concave. Its shape was based on the legs of certain four-footed animals.

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