How do you pluralize adjectives in French?

What are the 2 rules for adjectives in French?

In French, adjectives must agree with their noun, which means that they have to show whether they are masculine or feminine and singular or plural to match the noun.

Can we make the adjective plural?

No, adjectives in English do not take the plural ending. Having said that, word categories are quite fluid in English, and some adjectives may be used as nouns, in which case (if they are count nouns) they will pluralise like any other noun.

How do you conjugate adjectives in French?

To make an adjective agree with a feminine singular noun or pronoun, you usually add -e to the masculine singular. If the adjective already ends in an -e, no further -e is added. Several adjectives ending in a consonant double their consonant as well as adding -e in the feminine.

What is the agreement’s rule for possessive adjectives in French?

In French, the agreement of the possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her) doesn’t work the same way as in English. Indeed, in French, possessive adjectives agree with the possession, as well as with the owner. Look at these three examples: Louis a emprunté mon stylo.

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What are the 4 rules for adjectives in French?

When you use an adjective it must agree with the noun it is describing in both gender – masculine or feminine – and number – singular or plural. This means that French adjectives can have up to four different forms: masculine singular; feminine singular; masculine plural; and feminine plural.

How do you list adjectives in French?

List of French adjectives – masculine and feminine

  1. grand(e) – big/tall.
  2. petit(e) – small.
  3. bon(ne) – good.
  4. mauvais(e) – bad.
  5. beau/belle – beautiful.
  6. chaud(e) – hot.
  7. froid(e) – cold.
  8. gentil(le) – kind.

How do you order adjectives?

The order of cumulative adjectives is as follows: quantity, opinion, size, age, color, shape, origin, material and purpose.

Which letter do you add to an adjective to make it plural?

The plural forms of adjectives are created the same way as the plural forms of nouns. If an adjective ends in any vowel, add – s to make it plural. If an adjective ends in any consonant, add – es to make it plural.

How do you make adjectives agree in French?

Agreement of adjectives

Adjectives describe a noun and all French adjectives agree with the noun in gender and number. The general rule is that for feminine nouns, add -e, for masculine plural nouns, add -s, and for feminine plural nouns, add -es.