How do you say supply teacher in French?

What is supply teacher in French?

European Spanish: profesor suplente. Finnish: sijaisopettaja. French: professeur remplaçant.

What is substitute teacher French?

enseignant suppléant. More French words for substitute teacher. enseignant remplaçant. substitute teacher.

What is a supply teacher called in America?

“Substitute teacher” (usually abbreviated as “sub”) is the most commonly used phrase in the United States, Canada (except Ontario), India and Ireland, while supply teacher is the most commonly used term in Great Britain and the Canadian province of Ontario. …

How do you refer to a French teacher?

In an American university, you should start out by addressing your French class professor the same way you would address your professor in any other course: using either “Dr. X” or “Professor X.” If you wish to speak in French rather than in English, use “Professeur X.” Do not use “M. X” or “Mme.

Why is it called a supply teacher?

A “supply teacher” on the other hand is a teacher employed for the specific purpose of replacing regular teachers when needed. They are usually employed by the local education authority or an agency and sent to different schools as needed, usually not for one or two lessons, but rather for a whole day, or week or term.

What is a supply teacher in England?

British English: supply teacher /səˈplaɪ ˈtiːtʃə/ NOUN. A supply teacher is a teacher whose job is to take the place of other teachers at different schools when they are unable to be there.

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