How do you spell hot dog in French?

How do you say hot dog in France?

Detailed Translations for hotdog from English to French

dog: chien; chienne; toutou; dogue; chien mâle. Hot: Très intéressé

How do you say hot dog in Quebec?

In Standard French you would say the word “hot dog” as “le hot dog” but in Québec you would say: “Le chien chaud.

Is hot dog masculine or feminine in French?

hot-dogs {masculine plural}

Viens, allons manger un des hot dogs qui sentent si bon! ” Come on, let’s go and eat some delicious hot dogs! ‘

How do you say pizza in French?

French translation of ‘pizza’

  1. [base] de pizza.
  2. [dough] à pizza.
  3. [slice, topping] de pizza.
  4. [chain, company] de pizzerias.
  5. [oven] à pizza.

What is sandwich called in French?

sandwich (baguette) nm. Ex : garçon – nm > On dira “le garçon” ou “un garçon“.

How do Canadians say hot dog?

In Canadian French, people use the term « chien-chaud » , literal translation of “hot dog”. Apparently this is only used in Quebec, so I’m wondering how people say it in France or other French-speaking parts of the world.

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What are hot dogs called in Canada?

The ‘steamie’ hot dog variety has become quite popular across Canada, now frequently replacing the traditional one. Steamie parlours, called ‘wieneries’, have opened across Canada and are replacing typical hot dogs at franchised restaurants, too.

How do you say hot dog in other languages?

In other languages hot dog

  1. American English: hot dog /ˈhɑt ˌdɒɡ/
  2. Arabic: نَقَانِق
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: cachorro-quente.
  4. Chinese: 热狗
  5. Croatian: hot dog.
  6. Czech: párek v rohlíku.
  7. Danish: hotdog.
  8. Dutch: hotdog.

How do you say hot dog in Italian?

“hot dog” in Italian

  1. hot dog.
  2. panino con würstel.

What is bun in French?

chignon. More French words for bun. le chignon noun.

How do you spell bacon in French?

bacon → lardon, lard.

What is hot dog slang for?

Hot dog is defined as slang for doing something special in sports to capture attention. An example of hot dog is to do extra rotations while ski jumping. verb.