How do you spell star in French?

What is Star called in French?

étoile. More French words for star. la star noun. star. la étoile noun.

How do you say movie star in French?

He’s a film star. C’est une vedette de cinéma.

What does constellation mean in French?

constellation, la ~ (f) (signe) sign of the Zodiac, the ~ Noun.

What is an etoile in ballet?

star. Étoile is a classical ballet term meaning “star.” The term is used as a rank in the Paris Opéra ballet to signify a leading dancer. Étoile is considered the same rank as a principal dancer in other companies.

What Emend means?

transitive verb. : to correct usually by textual alterations emended the manuscript. Other Words from emend Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Amend vs.

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