How do you use votre in French?

How do you use votre in a sentence?

Here are some example sentences on the usage of “votre” and “vos”: What is this? “Show me your passport, please.” “Montrez-moi votre passeport, s’il vous plaît.” “Show me your passports, please.” “Montrez-moi vos passeports s’il vous plaît.”

Is votre singular or plural?

Possessive adjectives – mon, ma, mes

English Masculine Feminine
your (singular, familiar) ton ta
his, her, its son sa
our notre notre
your (plural, formal) votre votre

Where do you use Votre and Ton?

It says: When talking to someone informally that you would us “tu” with you should use ton for masc., ta for fem., and tes for plural. What talking to someone you would address with “vous” you should use votre for masc.

What is the meaning of Votre?

belonging to you (singular; one owner)

Does votre have an accent?

The o in notre/votre is pronounced more like a short/soft u (almost “nuttre”), whereas the o in nôtre/vôtre is a full-on long o sound as in “know”. When it is followed by a noun (it is being used as an adjective), it is “notre/votre” (no accent): Our house is blue = Notre maison est bleue.

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What is the tu form of Votre?

Using French Possessive Adjectives

Singular Plural
your (tu form) ton tes
his, her, its son ses
our notre nos
your (vous form) votre vos

How do you use Ma and Mon in French?

If the noun is feminine and singular, but begins with a vowel, use mon. For instance, “amie” (girlfriend) is feminine. But we’d say mon amie and not ma amie because it begins with a vowel. The main reason is that it’s way easier to pronounce that way.

How do you use Notre?

Notre and nos are both possessive adjectives and mean ‘our’, you use notre when there is one single substantive (masculine or feminine) and nos when there are more than one : notre chat = “our cat”, nos chats = “our cats”, notre poule = “our hen”, nos poules = “our hens”.

Is votre formal or informal?

The second-person possessive adjectives also have formal and informal versions. Tu becomes ton, ta, tes (“your” in informal masculine, feminine and plural forms respectively) and vous becomes votre, vos (“your” in formal masculine/feminine, plural).

How do possessive adjectives work in French?

French possessive adjectives take different forms depending on the noun they are describing. … The feminine singular possessive adjectives are: ma, ta, sa, notre, votre, leur. The plural possessive adjectives are the same for both genders: mes, tes, ses, nos, vos, leurs.

What is the difference between ton and votre in French?

“votre” is singular “vos” is plural like “vous” they can be used to speak to several people or to a single person in a polite way. … “ton” is singular masculine “ta” is singular feminine when speaking to a single person in a casual way.

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