How does French Polynesia make money?

What is the economy of French Polynesia based on?

French Polynesia is a French overseas territory with significant political autonomy. Financial transfers from France (23% of GDP in 2018) and international tourism are its primary sources of income. The territory has limited natural resources and options for diversification.

How does Tahiti make money?

Tourism accounts nowadays for about 13% of the GDP, and is a primary source of foreign currency earnings. … The subsidized air company Air Tahiti Nui brings tourists from France, Los Angeles, Japan and China. Other companies also operate, like Air France and Air New Zealand.

How much money does French Polynesia make from tourism?

Tourism revenue amounted to XPF 70.6 billion, i.e. 11% of the Polynesian GDP in 2019.

How does Bora Bora make money?

Tourism is by far Bora Bora’s primary activity. The island has 12 four- and five-star hotels, including a Club Med. Other industries include deep-sea commercial fishing and the production of copra, vanilla and mother-of-pearl. The currency used in French Polynesia is the French Pacific Franc, abbreviated as CFP.

Is French Polynesia a poor country?

A study in French Polynesia has found that despite a generally high level of incomes, 55,000 people live in poverty. The study carried out on behalf of the French Development Agency found that 28 percent of the population is poor, defined as having just over 1,000 US dollars a month per family unit.

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What does French Polynesia import?

Yearly Imports

In 2019 French Polynesia imported $1.45B, making it the number 170 trade destination in the world. … The most recent imports of French Polynesia are led by Refined Petroleum ($101M), Cars ($81M), Packaged Medicaments ($73.4M), Recreational Boats ($35.4M), and Delivery Trucks ($31.5M).

How much is a dollar worth in Tahiti?

As the dollar increases against the Euro travelers will also see their dollars go farther in Tahiti against the French Pacific Franc. As of writing this, every $1 US Dollar is worth around 100XPF.

Does French Polynesia accept USD?

U.S. dollar and European euro notes (but not coins) are widely accepted as cash in the islands, although at less favorable exchange rates than at banks. You will probably get a more favorable rate if you change your money in French Polynesia rather than before leaving home.

How much is a U.S. dollar worth in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora Island Guide’s response

As a rough guide $1USD is about 90XPF.