How hot is it in South of France today?

What is the temperature in the south of France today?

Upcoming 5 hours

Now 6:00 pm 10:00 pm
66 °F 65 °F 61 °F

Is the South of France hotter than the North?

Generally as a whole country France has higher day time average temperatures than England. The largest difference is during the summer months when the south of France is significantly hotter than the cooler north of England.

Does the South of France get cold?

Summers are warm, with some thunderstorms, and winters are cold. Temperatures can drop below 0 degrees Celsius and, in the mountains, are frequently accompanied by snow. In the South, the climate is Mediterranean. Summers are hot and winters mild and dry.

Does southern France get snow?

Often Winter is associated with snow but it appears more rarely on the plains in the South of the Loire and in Paris. However snow falls abundantly in the mountain areas particularly in the Alps and the Pyrenees. The first snow of winter can cause massive transport disruption in a region.

Where is the nicest place to live in France?

Top 5 Places For Expats To Live In France

  1. Toulouse, Haute-Garonne. This area in the south-west of France is known for its balmy summers and temperate winters. …
  2. Bordeaux, Aquitane. …
  3. Rennes, Brittany. …
  4. Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. …
  5. Limoges, Haute-Vienne.
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Is the South of France warm in May?

In May, the weather in France is generally mild however, you can still expect spring showers and cool evenings. The climate and weather can vary depending on where you are with cooler and rainier weather in the north of France and warmer temperatures and drier days closer to the Mediterranean.

Is the South of France hot in December?

South France Weather in December: Winter arrives this month, and while it’s a lot milder than many European destinations, it’s still likely to be quite cool with daytime temperatures ranging around 10°C to 14°C.

Is the South of France humid?

Humidity in spring in the South of France is around 60 percent and this is characteristic of the whole year. Summer is a glorious time in France,nowhere more so than in the South. … Winter in the South of France is the mildest in the country, but temperatures can drop to 3°C (37°F ).