How many nuclear power stations are in France?

Where are the nuclear power stations in France?


Name Location Capacity (MW)
Belleville NPP Belleville-sur-Loire 2,620 (2 x 1,310)
Blayais NPP Braud-et-Saint-Louis 3,640 (4 x 910)
Bugey Saint-Vulbas 3,580 (2 x 910, 2 x 880)
Cattenom NPP Cattenom 5,200 (4 x 1,300)

Why does France have so many nuclear power plants?

France had and still has very few natural energy resources. It has no oil, no gas and her coal resources are very poor and virtually exhausted. … Over the next 15 years France installed 56 nuclear reactors, satisfying its power needs and even exporting electricity to other European countries.

Has France ever had a nuclear accident?

Nuclear power accidents in France

As of March 2011, this remains the most serious civil nuclear power accident in France. One person was killed and four injured, one seriously, in a blast at the Marcoule Nuclear Site.

Why is France shutting down nuclear?

Environmental activists have targeted the plant on the Rhine river for decades, complaining it was located in an area prone to seismic activity and was at risk of flooding. Among several safety failures over the years, cracks were found in a reactor cover and internal flooding in 2014 forced an emergency shutdown.

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