How much is it to register a car in France?

How much will it cost to register my car in France?

Expect to pay €100/€300, although prices do vary. You may also find that your local prefecture are able to assist, so check out their website to see if they are able to do so. You will need to send them the existing registration certificate.

How much does it cost to re register a UK car in France?

The Controle Technique costs around 65 euros. Take your Certificate of Conformity, a proof of address (e.g. a utility bill), proof of identity (e.g. passport), and your blue V5C from your UK registration doc. Now you need to go to your local tax office* – Centre des Impots – and explain you are importing your car.

How do I register a UK car in France 2020?

On arrival in France:

  1. Contact your local customs office to obtain your 846 A certificate.
  2. Book your car in for Control Technique (if required)
  3. Apply for your Carte Grise.
  4. When you have received your Carte Grise, request your French number plates.

How long does it take to register a car in France?

Once you register the ownership change to your name, you will get a temporary vehicle registration certificate (CPI) valid for 30 days. You will get your final carte grise by registered mail around one week following the approval of your request.

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Can I drive my car in France?

You must have a valid driving licence issued in an EU or EEA country to drive a vehicle in France, and make sure your car has GB stickers on it. When driving in France, always carry the following documents: Your driving licence. Your passport.

Do French pay car tax?

It is called ‘malus de poids’. The tax will be €10/kg on that fraction of a vehicle exceeding 1800kg. The level of the tax is reduced by one-tenth per year from the first year of registration. Higher taxes apply on the importation of a second-hand vehicle, which are based on the level of CO₂ and the fiscal horsepower.

Can I drive my UK car in France?

A full and valid UK driver’s licence will allow you to drive in all European Union countries, including France. In terms of documents, UK drivers will also need proof of insurance and ownership (V5C) as well as a passport or national identification card to satisfy the French authorities.

How do I register a French car in France?

You will need:

  1. ID (eg. …
  2. Proof of address in France;
  3. Completed form cerfa 13750 (scanned or photographed). …
  4. The V5 (British registration certificate for the car);
  5. If the vehicle is more than four years old, a contrôle technique or MOT certificate dated in the last six months;

How long can a UK registered car stay in Europe?

UK law still applies to a UK-registered vehicle if you take it abroad for less than 12 months. That means you need to make sure: your vehicle is taxed in the UK while it’s abroad.

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