How much land did the nobles own in France?

What was the percentage of land owned by the nobles?

While the nobility seldom constituted more than 2 percent of the population in western Europe, it owned approximately 40 to 50 percent of the land in many regions. Most noble land was in fact concentrated in the hands of a small minority of that class.

Who owned 10% of the land in France?

The clergy numbered about 100,000 and yet owned 10% of the land. The Catholic Church maintained a rigid hierarchy as abbots and bishops were all members of the nobility and canons were all members of wealthy bourgeois families.

Who owned most of the land in France?

Answer Expert Verified. In the 18th Century the majority of land in France was owned either by the church, the rich people or the nobles.

Who owned about 60 percent of the land in France class 9?

About 60 per cent of the land was owned by nobles, the Church and other richer members of the third estate. The members of the first two estates, that is, the clergy and the nobility, enjoyed certain privileges by birth.

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Who Honoured about 60% of the land in France?

The lands in the French were divided among their estates. They were highest position holders in court, in church and the governments. They owned 20-30% of land in France. The third estate i.e. the commoners owned 60-70% of the land in France but had no identity.

How much land did the 2nd estate own?

The Second Estate was the nobility, composed of about 350,000 people who nevertheless owned about 25 to 30% of the land.

Who was in the 2nd estate?

The Second Estate consisted of the nobility of France, including members of the royal family, except for the King. Members of the Second Estate did not have to pay any taxes. They were also awarded special priviliges, such as the wearing a sword and hunting.

What estate owned roughly 1/4 of the land in France?

Members of the nobility, own roughly 1/4 of france.

Is France the best country in the world?

France received an overall high score of 8.7 out of 10, with the ranking recognising the country’s influence “extends around the globe through science, politics, economics and perhaps above all, culture.”