How much people use Internet in France?

What percent of France uses the Internet?

It shows that in 2014, almost 84 percent of the French population had access to the Internet.

Internet penetration in France from 2000 to 2019.

Characteristic Share of the French population
2017 80.5%
2016 79.3%
2015 78%
2014 83.8%

How many people in France have internet?

In 2023, the number of monthly active internet users is projected to reach 52.8 million individuals. This would be an increase of five million new users from 48 million users in 2017.

Forecast of internet user numbers in France from 2015 to 2025 (in million users)

Characteristic Number of internet users in millions

Do French people use the Internet?

5. France is connected. 83% of French people use the Internet compared with the European average of 75% according to the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research (Insee) in 2012.

Who uses the Internet in France?

In 2014, 82% of French people aged 12 and over had Internet access at home (even though only 77% used it), and 64% of French people aged 12 years and older connected daily to the Internet from home. Considering all connections locations (not only the home), 83% of French people were Internet users.

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What is the Internet like in France?

There are 2 main options for Internet access in France – ADSL and fiber-optic – and the availability of the services will depend on where you live in France. Prices for both types of access are pretty similar, but fibre optic will be much faster.

What is the average Internet speed in France?

10,757 kbps is the average internet speed in France.

What is the most popular social media in France?

Counting the number of monthly visits, the most used social media platform in France in 2020, was Facebook. The social network came in first with approximately 38 million monthly active users, followed by Whatsapp with 31 million registered customers.

What percentage of France uses social media?

Penetration rate of leading social networks in France during the third quarter of 2020

Characteristic Share of Internet users
Facebook 73.9%
Facebook Messenger 58.1%
Instagram 49.3%
Whatsapp 49.1%

How many French people have phones?

For 2020, the number of smartphone users in France is estimated to reach 47.18 million, with the number of smartphone users worldwide forecast to exceed 2 billion users by that time. From 2018 to 2024 the number of smartphone users in France is expected to grow by close to four million users.

How is education in France?

The French education system consists of three stages: primary education, secondary education, and higher education. … Formal schooling in France starts as early as age three, when many children attend kindergarten (maternelle). Day care (pré-maternelle) is available from age two.

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What percentage of French people own a computer?

This statistic represents the penetration of home computers in France in 2019, by size of household. It shows that 55 percent of single-person households had a dektop computer at home, whereas 76 percent of two-person households had one.