Is 2016 a good year for Bordeaux wine?

Can I drink 2016 Bordeaux now?

Flexible and fruity, it will be enjoyed perfectly today; its intense ripeness creates a perfect balance on the palate. The Bordeaux region also offers delicious white wines, such as Hauts de Smith, the second wine of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, vinified with as much care as the château’s first wine.

Was 2016 a good year for French wines?

The 2016 vintage was mostly excellent. … Burgundy experienced a difficult vintage, but the outcome was phenomenally good, and Beaujolais was also excellent. The Rhône and Alsace were both very good, with the Loire and Champagne regions generally suffering the most from devastating April frosts.

Is 2016 a good year for red wine?

Overall, the vintage of 2016 is delivering high quality, high color density Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from the cooler microclimates and fruit-intensive Rhone varietals.” In Lodi, Michael David Winery hit the halfway mark at the end of September.

Was 2015 or 2016 a better year for wine?

Alcohols, growers assured me, are nearly always higher in 2016 than in 2015 – yet I suspect that the vast majority of tasters would find that the 2015 wines taste ‘more alcoholic’ than the 2016s. That’s because the 2016s have a fresher fruit style, with less palpable sweetness and brisker tannins.

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Was 2016 a good year for French Bordeaux?

It may be early in the marathon that is Bordeaux En Primeur—the world’s biggest weeklong barrel-tasting event—but it’s not too soon to say that 2016 is a great vintage overall. … In Bordeaux, 2016 was a strange year. It was exceedingly wet the first half of the year and bone dry for much of the second half.

When should you drink 2016 Bordeaux?

These are the most age-worthy vintages of the past 30 years: 2016 (hold for 10+ years) 2015 (hold for 5+ years or drink) 2010 (hold for 5+ years)

Is 2016 a good Bordeaux vintage?

Some winemakers in Bordeaux are calling the 2016 vintage part of “the second coming of Bordeaux” due to the overall excellent quality of the wines and their unique character. … After the superb 2015, Bordeaux is showing great quality in the bottle once again with many outstanding 2016s.

How good is the 2018 Bordeaux vintage?

Despite initially challenging weather, the 2018 Bordeaux vintage was excellent possibly even legendary. The winter was unusually wet and remained so throughout the spring. These warm, wet conditions did, however, prompt an outbreak of downy mildew which threatened various vineyards.

Was Bordeaux a good year for 2019?

The Bordeaux Institute of Wine and Vine Science (ISVV) has given 2019 a 3.5 to four-star rating – out of five – in its annual report. … That would make Bordeaux 2019 an extremely high-quality year, but not up with the 4.5 to five-star vintages of 2005, 2009, 2010, 2015 or 2016.

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Does Bordeaux wine age well?

Bordeaux are known for their age-ability. A good Bordeaux from a good year can age for decades because the tannins in the wine act as a natural preservative. Over time, the tannins loose a lot of the “fight” in them as the remain in an anaerobic environment, and mellow.

Was 2020 a good year for Bordeaux?

2020 white Bordeaux wine performed quite well this year. … The wines are ripe, sweet, crisp, juicy and fresh. While the crop was small for Sauternes and Barsac producers, (some estates reported yields 50% less than normal) and Botrytis did not develop until quite late in the growing season, the quality is quite good.