Is a French word which means kind or type?

What is the French word for type?

type → taper à la machine, dactylographier, taper. type → type. type → type, sorte, genre.

What is the French word which means type or class?

la catégorie noun. category, class, grade, division, denomination. la sorte noun. kind, sort, manner, order, nature. le modèle noun.

What word type is kind?

Kind can be an adjective, an adverb or a noun.

What does the French word but mean?

but noun. goal, purpose, aim, object, view. zone des buts. goal area. More French Translations.

Is type a verb or a noun?

Type is used as a noun to mean a member of a category. As a verb type means to write using a typewriter or keyboard. The word type has many other senses as a noun and a verb.

Whats is in French?

French Translation. quel est.

Is class in French masculine or feminine?

The word classe in French is a feminine noun. Because it is feminine, feminine articles such as une (meaning ‘a’) and la (meaning ‘the’) need to be…

What is an example of kind?

The definition of kind is warm, generous or sympathetic. An example of kind is the personality of Mother Theresa. … Kind is defined as a type of something. An example of kind is fruits that are red.

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Is kind an abstract noun?

The abstract noun of a kind is kindness.

Is it kinda or kind of?

kinda is the informal way of kind of. it’s more proper to use the latter. I’m kinda hungry. (informal/slang) I’m kind of hungry.