Is Chou feminine French?

Is chou-fleur masculine or feminine?

leVocab on Twitter: “CHOU-FLEUR: the gender of the French word for cauliflower is masculine.. le chou-fleur #learnfrench #mfltwitterati #mflire…

Is Chou a French word?

If you’re talking about cabbage in French, then you’re going to need to know how to use the word chou. Pronounced “shoo,” the word chou can be used to describe a cabbage or as a term of endearment akin to “darling” or “dear.”

What is the plural of Le Chou?

plural of chou. choux [pl/m]

What is Chouchou?

The French online dictionary l’Internaute defines chouchou as “a person who is preferred over others and towards whom all attention is targeted.” In other words, chouchou refers to a ‘teacher’s pet’. This is the most common way of using the expression in French.

What is mon petit chou?

French translation & vocabulary with Frantastique. mon petit chou : my darling, my sweety-pie familier.

How do you use Mon Petit Chou?

Come on, let me pet you, little darling. Bonne nuit, mon petit chou. Good night, my little pumpkin.

What is the plural of cou in French?

cou m (plural cous)

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