Is Easter a religious holiday in France?

Is Easter religious in France?

“Pâques” (Easter in French) is an important holiday in France: a religious one of course, but also a traditional gathering for families, religious or not. For Easter, France enjoys a three day weekend, as Easter Monday is a national holiday in France.

Do the French celebrate Easter?

France celebrates Easter in lots of different ways. It has traditions involving flying bells and giant omelettes with a little bit of the Easter bunny thrown in for good measure.

What do the French think of Easter?

Like many other historically Catholic countries, France is a big fan of Easter. All around the country, you’ll see shopfronts and bakeries decorated with chocolate rabbits, chickens, bells, and other signs of spring.

Who brings the Easter eggs in France?

If you’re in the USA, on Easter Sunday it’s traditionally the Easter Bunny who brings chocolate eggs and treats to children across the country. In Australia, confectionery arrives courtesy of the Easter Bilby. In France, they’re delivered by someone slightly less fluffy: the flying bells (les cloches volantes).

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